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Varicose veins are dilated superficial veins, usually in the legs, which show an impaired venous return & that may present chronically. Sometimes only an aesthetic problem (spider veins), but often may cause pain, heavy legs or swelling. Over time can lead to complications such as phlebitis, ulcers, or they can even rupture and bleed.

The treatment involves injecting inside the superficial vein, a substance (such as Etoxiesclerol), which once in contact with the inner vessel wall, degrades & seals it. The microinjections are made slowly and controlling the effect on the vessels, using very fine needles. This procedure is virtually painless (no anesthesia is used).

The number of sessions varies, depending on the specifics of each case, the number of diseased vessels, the caliber of the same, the time evolution and the desired level of aesthetic perfection.


Varicose vein sclerosis is a simple treatment that aims to eliminate unsightly varicose veins. A product that causes sclerosing is injected within the vein, causing an inflammatory reaction in the internal diseased veins joining them and thus causing this vein is closed. The blood flow will through other healthy veins, improving circulation and oxygenation of the peripheral tissues.


Vascular lasers, also known as thermo coagulation or photo sclerosis, is the most convenient, efficient and secure quick remove vascular lesions (red spots) in any area of the body or face. The vascular laser can eliminate red lesions quickly, comfortable and safely, there is no need to interrupt the social and working life of the patient, and corrects the vessels that caused the lesion without damaging the surrounding tissues. This type of treatment progressively reduced the size of the lesions and decreases pain from the first session, without affecting the rest of the skin.


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