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In Albir Medical we know that different factors such as social, business, personal problems, stress, hormonal, etc., can lead to an increased unwanted weight,

Overweight people have a low energetic usage (calorie burning) due to a difficulty in bioelectric consumption, therefore less energy usage ( fewe calory burn)

Albir Medical offers you a revolutionary method to detect, correct and balance the body in a holistic way. The improvement in our patients is noticeable from the first session and if the person follows the advice and recommended diet, the results are spectacular. The treatment is non-invasive and has no side effects. Nowadays, it's possible to measure and stabilize the bioelectric and electromagnetic parameters of each organ, thus  achieving the correct balance of the stomach, intestine, kidney, liver or pancreas, which can be altered in case of opression.

It is also possible to assess the thyroid hormone, parathyroid, estrogen, or progesterone, which when altered, are other possible causes, of preventing weight loss. Hormones which are thought very little of, but are easy to adjust through bioresonance, are the hypothalamus and the pineal hormone. The first regulates food cravings and the second orders the metabolism to work. These hormones along with their enzymes, are most often, the key to success to the practitioner, and for the patients, to make their dreams come true.

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