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Magnetic therapy claims are based on the fact that some cells and tissues in the human body give off electromagnetic impulses.

Some practitioners think the presence of illness or injury disrupts these fields. Magnets produce energy fields of different strengths that can penetrate the human body, correcting disturbances and restoring health to the afflicted systems, organs, and cells.

Magnetic therapy brings relief to pain caused by arthritis , headaches , migraine headaches, stres. Also broken bones heal faster. Improves circulation, reverses degenerative diseases. Placing magnets over areas of pain or disease strengthens the body's healing ability.

Some believe that magnetic fields increase blood flow, alter nerve impulses, increase the flow of oxygen to cells. Decrease fatty deposits on artery walls, speeds the healing of cuts , broken bones , and infections, and has positive effect against toxic chemicals, addictive drugs and other harmful substances.


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