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Lipolytic treatments are those acting on the adipose tissue, reducing lipid deposits localized in adipocytes (fat cells). They are considered as a noninvasive alternative to liposuction, as it permanently gets rid of localized fat accumulations without the need for surgery or a painful postoperative. The results are visible very soon. The most commonly lipolytic treatment used:


Aqualyx is aqueous micro gelatinous, biocompatible and fully re-absorbable solution, which removes small-localized fat deposits that do not disappear after weight loss. It’s especially effective in the double chin, love handles, hips, flanks, abdomen, knees and forearms.

The best thing about this treatment is that the results are permanent, making it an alternative to liposuction, but without surgery.

After infiltrating, the substance in the area concerned, through a quick and painless technique called Intralipotherapy the localized fat gets diluted & permanently eliminated through the lymphatic system and the urinary tract. At Albir Medical we provide “with no additional charge ” lymphatic drainage sessions during the process, to optimize and speed up the effectiveness of this treatment.


This new treatment is known as non-surgical liposuction because it provides a remarkable reduction effect of the treated area. Up to 3cm per session.

It is a new technology for low-power laser diode. Fragments and converts triglycerides into glycerol, fatty acids and water, thus being able to penetrate the cell wall & to be naturally expelled by the body.

  • A non-invasive treatment with no incisions, no needles, wounds or scars.
  • 100% painless.
  • It can be applied in all areas where there is fat with or without sagging: arms, thighs, love handles, chin, abdomen, calves, etc.
  • This process does not alter the surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels or nerves.




Tratamientos Lipoliticos

Tratamientos Lipoliticos

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