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There are patients who need to correct physical or aesthetic defects in calves, buttocks, calves, and congenital anomalies such as Poland syndrome or simply correct a pronounced asymmetry somewhere in the body. For them, there is a body contouring treatment using biocompatible and re-absorbable filler (body filling hyaluronic acid) special for use on large volume areas.

The use of this product allows surgical implants to be replaced by a procedure that does not require general anesthesia or hospitalization. It consists simply in the injection of filler into the previously locally anesthetized area to correct the problem. The patient may, join his normal lifestyle after this procedure. There is no down time! The product duration time is 12 to 18 months. Tops up after this time, generally require less amount of filler (in many cases half of the initial one).


  • Buttocks.
  • Calves.
  • Poland Syndorm.
  • Asymmetries.


Relleno Grandes Volumenes

Relleno Grandes Volumenes

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