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Tonje who comes from Norway, has for many years worked in the beauty industry. She was one of the first in Norway at Fred Hamelten’s Eyebrow Academy, & spent about 1 year of special training discipline, in eyebrow styling. Tonje is currently one of the top achievers of Hamelten Star “stars”; which can be compared to the Michelin stars, as a reward for excellence in quality of technique & results.

An eyebrow styling takes about 45 minutes. It involves dyeing, napping & shaping the eyebrows with a thread & tweezers, always taking into consideration, the client’s facial shape.

Since 2006 Tonje has also been a master “lash artist” for NovaLash Int. USA, one of the world's most prestigious & quality tested lash extension brands. She is a qualified, official & certified Novalash instructor that may train prospective lash artists in Norway & Spain.

Tonje Fjeldberg Elshaug is also the founder and owner of the largest eyebrow & lash extensions studio in Norway, Glimt Bli Ny Studio.

Wake up everyday with gorgeous, flirtatious semi-permanent eyelashes.  Designed and customized to enhance your eyes with a voluminous, beautiful, and youthful look. Single strand extensions are skillfully and meticulously glued to your natural lashes—one strand, one lash at a time to refine your image. Each single micro-extension is carefully placed on top of each lash with medical grade adhesive to enhance your overall appearance—giving you the benefits of high-quality mascara with a more natural appeal. They are weightless, lustrous, and look like your own—only better.   

Whether it be for a special occasion or daily wear, the timesaving benefits of your customized lashes will give you the confidence and beautiful aesthetic of a high-fashion look with a low maintenance flare. Eyelash extensions are not just for beauty queens and models—they are for busy professionals and the everyday girl who is looking to accentuate her most personal feature—her eyes.

What are semi-permanent eye-lash extensions?
Individual, synthetic lash extensions are bonded with medically-safe, award-winning, NovaLash Platinum Bond Adhesive to your natural lashes to create a full, natural, long-lasting look.

Will extensions harm my natural lashes?
No, because an eyelash only lives for 30 to 60 days there is no opportunity for lash damage. When your natural lashes gradually shed the extensions will simply fall out with them. It is important to remember to avoid salons that use stacking or bridging techniques as these methods can put tension on hair follicles and cause damage to future hair growth.

How long do the extensions last?
The lash extensions are indefinite with monthly touch-ups.

How often do I need a touch-up?
Because your natural eyelashes shed every 30 to 60 days, we recommend you will need a touch-up every 3 to 4 weeks.

Can I wear mascara?
NovaLash's glycol-free mascara can be used between touch-ups as the extensions begin to shed. However we can guarantee you will leave our salon vowing never to wear mascara again!

I wear contacts. Can I still get lash extensions?
Yes! Since lash extensions are not glued to your eyelid they will not conflict or interfere with your contacts or normal daily activities.


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