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Quantum Bioresonance or Bioquantum, is undoubtedly one of the foundations for the twenty-first century medicine. It is an ultra modern therapeutic system based on the profound concepts of the most advanced natural and biological medicine (biocybernetics).

In clinical practice, a sophisticated computer takes (via electrodes) the patient’s vibration-energy information. The computer records this information in its memory, works with it modulating it & turning it into a curative therapeutic pulse, capable of improving the biological responses of the patient & also, to completely balance the patient by regulating the electromagnetic pulses at cellular level.

It is a fantastic diagnosis & treatment tool. A powerful method with excellent clinical results. There are no side effects, no contraindications, no discomfort, it is painless & comfortable. Bioquantum puts all its emphasis on stimulating the body's self-healing powers, often obtaining a great healing effect with only a slight push (therapeutic boost). In the field of chronic, degenerative diseases, we combine Bioquantum with the great methods of biological medicine: Ozone therapy, colon hydrotherapy, magnetic therapy & also nutrition.

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