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Feel younger,by quickly removing those unsightly wrinkles that make you look older& tired.  

  • Full Botox (face upper third)
  • Tightening & firming treatment withspecific "Guinot" products,to the Botox treated area
    • Cleansing & toning
    • Application of our exclusive biological concentrate
    • High frequency treatment
    • Specific treatment cream
    • facial massage
    • Specific treatment mask
    • Specific treatment serum

ANTIAGING PACK  795€ (Before 1.230€)

Special pack to restore luminosity& loss firmness, at an excellent price

  • Full Botox (face upper third)
  • 2 High Quality hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy
  • Antiaging Lifting Session with specific "Guinot" productsto reaffirm skin
    • Cleansing & toning
    • Application of our exclusive biological concentrate
    • High frequency treatment
    • Specific treatment cream
    • Facial massage
    • Specific treatment mask
    • Specific treatment serum



Brown, sun or pregnancy marks, age spots etc., make us look older & with a poorly maintained skin. With this depigmenting pack, we get rid of those unsightly marks & the skin recovers its evenness, brightness you freshness.
  • Specific Peeling (Glycolic, Salicylic, or TCA)
  • Specific depigmenting beauty-booth treatment to improve the result with "Guinot"  products:
    • Cleansing & toning
    • Exfoliation with fruit acids
    • Applying a PEEL-IN treatment,toning
    • Application of a PEEL-OUT treatment
    • Cell regeneration with high frequency
    • Specific treatment serum.


Natural treatment of growth factors, obtained from the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the selected areas using microinjections, as in a normal mesotherapy.This stimulates the production of natural collagen, elastin, & hyaluronic acid, thus increasing skin’s elasticity & luminosity.

The result is a much younger,smoother, brighter& firmer skin.


REPAIR PACK. One treatment: 495€. Course of 4: 1500€

Take years off with this pack of facial-tissue repair. Mesotherapy combined with bio-stimulating plasma and more, to leave you totally rejuvenated.

  • 1 Facial mesotherapy.
  • 1 Bio-stimulating plasma.
  • 2 Facial Radiofrequencies.
  • 1 Lymphatic drainage.

Higiene Facial


Conditions your skin with a complete hygiene each season,“feeding” it with the right vitamins and nutrients it needs, to be always perfect.

4 Deep Hygiene treatments (Spring, Summer, Autumn &Winter)


FACIAL REJUVENATION PACK.I, One treatment: 1195€. Two treatments: 1895€

Rejuvenate your skin by stimulating its collagen and elastin from within; bringing light and freshness to your face

  • 1Bio-stimulating plasma
  • Mini-threads



We have created a truly rejuvenating pack for the mature skin that has already lost tissue firmness and begins to look tired and dull. With it, we can recover its youthfulness.

  • 6 Silhouette lifting threads
  • 2 Radiesse fillers


HYALURONIC ACID, HYDRATING PACK. One treatment: 195€ Four treatments: 650€.

Is your skin dry and dehydrated? Has it lost its freshness & looks devitalized? Don’t worry; with this pack we have created for you, the skinwill regain its radiance, elasticity and freshness.

  • 1 Ultrasonic facial Peeling
  • 1 Hyaluronic acid Mesotherapy
  • 1 Regenerating hyaluronic acid Mask



Stress, lack of sleep, &the overall pace of life we lead, don’t allow us to have a fresh &rested look, & leave us with those unattractive dark circles. In Albir Medical we have the solution for you to look perfectly and completely rested.

  • 1 “Special dark circles”.Therafill 3% hyaluronic acid. Vial.
  • 1 Radiofrequency treatment
  • 1 Facial massage
  • 1 Hyaluronic acid mask.


CEREMONIES PACK I(improves skin quality) 595€

If you have an important event to go to, and you want to look younger, and without a tired face, we have prepared a special pack for you, to look &feel amazing,on that special day.

  • 1 Ultrasonic Peeling.
  • 1 Facial Mesotherapy.
  • 1 Bio-stimulation with Plasma.
  • 2 Facial Radiofrequency.
  • 1 Facial massage &1 hyaluronic acid mask.


CEREMONIES PACK II (radiant, especially brides) 895€

Wedding day! One of the most important days of your life; the day in which youwant to look &feel like a fairy tale princesses & want to be the most beautiful and radiant bride. We have something special for you to for that happy day...

  • 1 Ultrasonic Peeling.
  • 1 Facial Mesotherapy.
  • 1 Bio-stimulation with plasma.
  • 2 Facial Radiofrequency.
  • 1 Facial Massage & 1 Hyaluronic acid Mask
  • Botox (face upper third)


FACELIFT EFFECT PACK. Onetreatment: 795€. Two treatments: 1495€

When we get to a certain age, we noticed that the skin of the face begins to sag. This gives us all,a tired look, and make us look older. With this pack we can regain the tone and elasticity lost through the years. It’s like takingyourfacial muscles to the gym !

  • 1 Full facial Hygiene
  • 1 Facial Mesotherapy or 1 Mesorroller
  • 9 Sessions of CACI ULTRA (includes, ultrasonic peeling, laser, massage &mask)
  • 1 Bio-stimulation with plasma.



With this treatment your face with get back the turgidity & muscle strength, lost over the years. It will feel again smooth,and will be toned up.

  • 1 Full facial Hygiene.
  • Botox (face upper third).
  • 1 Ellanse filler.

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